Tamiya Expansion strategy is in place…

During the past months loads of products were implemented into my webshop. You will find them in the respective categories / or you can do full text search. Those products were mostly related to TRF touringcar models such as TRF421, TRF420(X) and also older models such as TRF415. But I also implemented parts for M-Chassis and Mid / Entry level models such as M-07/08, TA-08, TT-02 and many more.

In order to make promotion to that I have chosen some specific products, which will be on sale. Here you will find them:

Tamiya 53858 Wrench for Touringcar 5mm Adjusters (Neat tool, when building on road turnbuckles)

Tamiya 22078 + 22079 Aluminum Differential Holders (0.5 + 0.8mm Offset, 2x4pcs.) (suitable for all TRF420 + TA-08 models)

Tamiya 22080 TRF Damper Low Mount Large (SSBB) Aluminum Retainer Blue (4 pcs.) (suitable for all big bore TRF dampers)

Tamiya 58720 TT-02 Typ-SRX 4WD Touring Car Chassis Kit 1/10 (+ special Tuningparts)

… more special offers!

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