2023 Nuremberg Toy Fair – My Summary regarding Tamiya News

Personal summary from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2023

Loads of news were presented at this Hobbyshow from Tamiya. Some of the displayed items may change before start of production slightly (this advice was given with some specific models). In this post I will explain the most (racing) relevant ones and also give them a rating how suitable they are for the track. Some of these items will be available very soon and are already on Pre-Order (FiFo)!

58712 Porsche 911 GT3 (992) – estimated release date: End of June 2023 [Pre-Order Link]

A very nice designed Body with extremely detailed headlights and wing. 26mm Mesh wheels with 2mm Offset (Front + Rear) in special Gun metal color with blue accents.

Chassis is the standard TT-02, but in the Short Wheelbase configuration (251mm) – which will make it difficult for this body to be placed on existing TRF models. With loads of Hop Up Options available you can adjust this chassis fully to your personal needs.

Suitable for racing? 3 of 5 stars!

58714 VW Golf Mk2 GTI 16V Rally MF-01X

Very realistic Body of the Golf II Rally with special Rally Front Lights (LED’s are available seperately).

MF-01X Chassis is an rahte rlow cost 4WD M-Chassis sized Chassis with various Hop Up options.

Suitable for racing? 1 of 5 stars!

58721 Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Berlina Corse [Pre-Order Link]

Well known Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Body, which was already Re-Released a couple of years ago!

The all new MB-01 Chassis is one of my highlights from the Toy Fair! It is the first M-Chassis from Tamiya, where you can choose between all 3 wheelbases and between FWD / RWD (yes, 2×3 layout options!). For RWD option the motor can be mounted in lower (standard) and higher position (if you are a fan of chassis roll movement).

The motor is positioned longitudinally and the driving forces are transferred by a short propeller shaft right into the differential. The Rear Axle features at least the potential for some ARS tweaks. The suspension geometry is having some similarities to the TT-02 (uprights are carried by the suspension arms directly with no C-Hub). The diff outdrives also look very similar to the ones from TT-02.

There will be various Hop Up options available! For now no special dedicated R/RR/MS or TRF Version is announced. But you never know…

Suitable for racing? 4 of 5 stars! Performance to be proven, if OK, it will get full 5 star rating from me! Due to the multi-variation layout I believe, this model will be a legendary breakthrough for the M-Chassis segment for years!

58722 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM

I was expecting a realistic replica of the CLK DTM (C209), but what we have actually here is a Re-Release of the 58317 CLK-DTM 2002 AMG-Mercedes (originally on TB-02), but without the AMG Racing Decals. Also the wing is 100% transferred.

This time this model comes on the „bullet proof“ TT-02 Chassis.

Suitable for racing? 2 of 5 stars! – why only 2 stars, where 58712 has 3 stars – while the Chassis is identical? Some more news will follow soon!

58716 Toyota Yaris Rally 1 Hybrid

Nice detailled racing body with a massive wing!

Well known TT-02 Chassis.

Suitable for racing? 2 of 5 stars! 

58718 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST165

Body is (almost) a Re-Release of 58096 Celica GT-4 (came on TA-02 originally), but a few decals have changed.

Well known TT-02 Chassis.

Suitable for racing? 2 of 5 stars! 

58720 TT-02 Type SRX [Pre-Order Link]

The most competitive TT-02 Chassis ever? I am not sure, as it features the TRF420 suspension, which has 2 limitations when used on TT-02: a) shorter suspension arm length and b) no (direct) compatibility to the Hop Up droop plates (which are vital Hop Up for the TT-02 Type S/SR).

In comparison to TT-02 Type SR the SRX features a lot more Hop Up parts such as the new XV-02 Spool / Gear Diff, which are a great improvement! Furthermore the Gear Diff is equipped with #22065 Alu GearBox Joints (with Blades), while the front also features #22064 Steel Direct Cups (with Blades) – where I am a bit careful with – as they break quite easily. But you can use them also without blades on front (2mm / 3mm cutouts in the direct cups). The Alu Propeller Joints with blades are rather an unnecessary Hop Up (I am still using the standard TT-02 „rubbery“ propeller shaft – without any issues), but they are included. The 54500 spur gear adapter is included, so you are free to choose any kind of spur gear, when you install an optional variable motor mount – which is not available from Tamiya (as of now). I am using the one from PSM and cannot complain (except is is sitting pretty tight in the bathup frame). Also the upgraded High Torque Servosaver is onboard, however still using the „crappy“ 3-spring solution, which will bend sooner or later when racing it. Double Cardan Joints on front and new 39mm Alu LF Driveshafts on rear comes with blue serrated wheel nuts. Screws are the matt black ones known from Type SR and TRF420/420X.

Suitable for racing? 4 of 5 stars! (whereas the Type SR gets full 5 star rating from me!)

58606 Alfa Romeo 155 V5 TI Martini [Pre-order Link]

Re-release of the 58189 Alfa (came on TA-03F).

Well known TT-02 Chassis.

Suitable for racing? 2 of 5 stars! 

58719 BBX 2WD Buggy BB-01 [Pre-order Link]

Pretty remarkable all new 2WD Buggy with a little compatibility for racing use! New low-cost Aeration Alu Off-road dampers (Original #54028 had threaded HL-coated cylinders). Why limited racing compatibility? The body designed by Atsushi Arino looks nice, but if too heavy for racing! Also no wing is installed, which will not generate any stability on mid/high speed corners on rear. Good, that it features 12mm hexes on all 4 corners. CVD Driveshafts come also with the kit.

Maybe we will see a BB-01R anytime soon?

Suitable for racing? 2 of 5 stars! 

58717 TT-02BR Chassis Kit Buggy

Definitely the raciest TT-02B Version ever! Featuring Alu Dampers, Carbon Damper Stays and full turnbuckles this kit has some serious potential for racing. I was having a though on using this one on EOS anytime soon (seriously? Well, it was a thought!).

All universal shafts?

Body from Neo Scorcher and Wing is also included!

Suitable for racing? 4 of 5 stars! 

47484 Mercedes-Benz C11 [Pre-order Link]

The Re-Re-Re …. Re-Relese of Re-Release? After the first batch of C11 was pretty quickly sold out early 2022 here comes another batch of the nice kit! Tamiya Group-C Chassis with nicely detailled body and sponge tires on black rims.

The other releases as Hotshot II, Boomerang and Novafox? Sorry, there are resources, that know those models way better than me! As they have not a racing purpose I am not rating these models!

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