Tamiya 47498 TA-08R Analysis

Finally the first kits have arrived. The latest pro spec touringcar from Tamiya, which has many parts from it´s “big daddy” TRF420X included.

The box is the standard sized Tamiya (TRF) plastic carton box. First scoop on the main chassis reveals transversal reinforcements on the rear. However, the item number stays same #19335853. The production date is 09/2023 – so its a running change for all TA-08 Chassis, who will get their chassis after that date.

When going though the parts list following changes (or news) can be read:
– Front DCJ Axles now called “W Cup” #19803222 / I cant see a technical difference to #42363
– Front DCJ Cardan Swing Shafts are included in 43mm /w 10.8mm Pin #42361
– Rear CVD Drive Shaft same as TRF420X #19803404
– 20T Center Pullys have also a new item number #13451241 / other than #42351
– Two Spur Gears included (1x M0.4 110T + 1x M0.6 71T) / M0.6 20T Hard Coated Pinion Included
– Suspension Mounts (From FF to RR): A-A and “none”-XB (which is due to reversed order at TA-08 acually E)
– Standard 2Z Ball Bearings Included (no Blue TRF)
– Same wheels included as with TT-02 SRX (51072 in white = #903777-50-Wht)
– SSBBv2 Dampers from TRF420X (same spec with #42359 O-Rings) – which is the current ultimate spec with Tamiya TRF / Red Springs from #42306 included – so a bit harder than the green ones from previous TRF kits)
– Matt black steel screws (as standard with all recent TRF kits)
– Steel Ball Connectors (also standard since longer time)
– Latest hop ups such as floating upper deck #22082, Alu Upper Arm Mounts #22083 + #22084 (in black color!), Rear Carbon Reinforced Body Mounts #22085
– Steel Turnbuckles included (so #22086 is still an hopup for this kit)

The most raciest kit from Tamiya besides the TRF420X and TB Evo8. Due to the floating top deck this car will perform much better than the “old” TA-08 did. Parts are almost ultimate spec, so no need to upgrade anything here. Diffs, Driveshafts are race proven from TRF420/420X and the suspension has showed up potential in TA-08 and TB Evo8.

What else is needed to race it?
Get a set of stiffer springs, as the red ones are still for low / medium grip surfaces. My recommendation is still Axon ST-HP-013 on front and ST-SL-013 on rear.
And get a set of stabilizers (#22003 + #42281) – as in the kit they are not included.

Download (scanned documents):
Manual Parts List
Setting Sheet TA-08R

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