IFMAR ISTC Worlds – Aftermath

Almost 2 weeks after the worlds things are getting back to normal (on my side). Work and Family took a lot of resources in the past 1,5 weeks – but it’s better now.

My final result was P46, while Tim landed on P47 – out of 58 participants. We were not the only ones, who have decided not to participate in the finals due to bad decision not to run on Saturday at all. Of course this is a result, I can stand with! The competition level of all drivers was extremely high – I have never been to a race, where the speed gradient was that flat (meaning, that still in D-Main the drivers performance was just a few seconds away from A-Main). In times as of today, where the financial possibilities are quite limited (due to price increases everywhere), only those drivers have decided to take part, who were pretty well prepared (and trained).
I was pretty impressed, how good the car was performing over the whole WC week. Also my setup was getting more and more on point towards the last quali heats – but my nervosity also rised in approximately the same way.
All in all it was again a nice week of RC-Racing and also good times besides the track. The italian food taste is still something, I am missing (so much!). Also the way, how all drivers were respecting each other was something, I have never experienced on a WC (this was my third one). Yes, there were a lot of critical words on social media afterwards, which I can understand … but in the end Bruno has showed up an impressive performance, which was also possible because of his driving skills. Congratulations again from here!

Currently I am already preparing my TRF420X for the next indoor race in Siersburg, where Round 7 of Tonisport-Onroad-Series will take place. But I have managed to write down my worlds setup (<– Link!) and took some photos before disassembling the car again.

Was it worth? Yes, absolutely! I am already taking the next WC into my focus, which should happen in USA in 2024.

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