17.09.22 IFMAR ISTC Worlds Gubbio (Italy) – Day 4 Final(s)?

It‘s a wet day today. Despite currently no rain is present, the track is huuuge wet! We have prepared our rain cars and waiting for the team managers report from their meeting, how to continue today.
I have removed the aeration shocks from my 417 and replaced them by the 419 Bigbore shocks (thanks to Tim, who had them sitting somewhere in his bag!).

Unfortunately it was decided, that today (Saturday) there will be no driving (no joke!). The track was wet and was in principle ready to use in the morning. However during the lunchtime a thunderstorm has blown away some flags and parts of the trees, which was in fact dangerous. But the thunderstrom was not forecasted, so still I do not understand this decision.
We had finally made the hard decision to cancel the finals, which would happen on Sunday (tomorrow) and head back to home. I have never ever cancelled an event before it has finished, but this is my first (and hopefully) last time! We wish all drivers tomorrow good luck and fun!

tTim getting his Plottercraft body signed by all A-Main drivers of ISTC Modified (here Marc Rheinard)

Now we are on the Brenner Autobahn and will continue our travel back home, where our families are waiting for us.
We have already taken our conclusions and lessons learned:
– Taking more care when packing the WC eqipment (I forgot the spare 4.5T motors at home!)
– I need to moderate my gas finger a bit more, as I was overpulling sometimes (and doing Tokyo Drifts and Powerslides)
– Have more team training before WC (we were not fully synchronized regarding setup (both car and ESC)

That is all for now from the WC coverage! I hope you enjoyed reading! I will continue to write reports about my races and training sessions here in order to give insights into the world of RC-Car-Racing.
Best Regards,
Dai Sakaguchi

One thought on “17.09.22 IFMAR ISTC Worlds Gubbio (Italy) – Day 4 Final(s)?

  1. Thanks Dai for sharing with us your weekend performance. Well done! I was rooting for you and Andy Kühne. おめでとう!

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