New Products … continuous process!

Almost every week I am listing new products on my webshop. Some of them disappear within a few days, some can be restocked while some are still missing. But here I have set my own goal to have all Tamiya Racing relevant parts in stock + listed until the end of the year. Of course not only from Tamiya, but also from Square, Axon, ABC-Hobby and many more RC-Makers. I already started with the most racing relevant going deeper thoughout all Tamiya Chassis categories.

Unfortunately I find almost no time to update my Blog here frequently, as I have also some more YouTube Videos in he pipeline. And Racing is also not stopping. Euros are just around the corner starting with the official warmup end of May.

Anyways, you can always check the „whats new section“ in my shop to find out, what has been recently updated.

What does a picture of the Tokyo Shibuya crossing have to do with this post? Both are strongly inspired by JAPAN!

Thanks for your attention and take care!

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