15.09.22 IFMAR ISTC Worlds Gubbio (Italy) – Day 2 Quali 2 / 3 / 4 and 5

After the Q2 today, I am surprisingly happy with my result. Despite I was laying 7 sec on the roof (2 driving mistakes). My pace is now, where I was expecting to be with 16.7 fastest lap. My Tamiya TRF420X is on fire!

My mate Tim made a clean 18L run, which gave him 37points and an overall P40 position. Due to my mistakes I am now at 41p + 44p = P44.

For Q3 I have put in a diff with only 6k viscosity and replaced some worn parts such as blades. Looking warward for Q3 now…

My car directly after Q3 / take off tires, glue and put them back in the box, which will be kept in the technical inspection thoughout the whole event
My pit place with some surround view

Q3 was a blast (almost!). I had an almost clean run with only one mistake (19s lap) by turning full angle on the corner after backstraight and doing some “Tokyo Drift“.
Now going back again to a harder diff (7k) and trying something, Dominik Ruf was telling me (Rear Diff high position). Lets see what Q4 will bring…

Q4 was not my run. Too many small mistakes and too hard pushing for another result as P29. But Q4 will most probably be repeated tomorrow, as the last group was suffering from rain, which started in their last minute and caused a drop of laptimes of more than 20%.

P29 + P41 = P43

My rain car (old TRF417V7 proto) is fully prepared and ready for any wet condition. Lets see, what the day tomorrow will bring. At least Q5 and Q6 are scheduled for tomorrow.

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